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Hanging Laundry

A comical collection of truths as seen through my eyes.

Hello and welcome

to My Empty Nest Blog, a comical collection of truths as seen through my eyes.  I was inspired to start this blog by a friend who told me that I tell extraordinary stories.  Well, she may not have used the word "extraordinary" per se.  It could have been something more along the lines of good, ordinary, average, or mediocre for all I know, but who pays that much attention anyway?  The point is, I found my outlet thanks to her. A place where I can express my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. A Place where you can love me or hate me but aren't allowed to do both.  A place where I can say what I want, which is a lot in this transitional, mid-life, pre-menopausal stage of my life. A place to just be ME.  

With all my love,


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